Today marks the 14th Anniversary of the horrific attack on the World Trade Center towers, The Pentagon, and the downing of an additional plane in Pennsylvania- presumed to be on route to Washington D.C. As I think back to that day, I see the robin’s egg blue sky, no clouds in sight. I can feel how unseasonably warm it was and hear the birds chirping, how could they know how much had changed in just a couple of hours? Being an American, on that day and the numbing days that followed, felt different, better, and more vibrant. Not vibrant as you would normally think of as describing colors, but vibrant as the sunset- the country’s people hurt, angry,despondent, and on fire for justice!

I didn’t lose a friend or a family member on September 11, 2011, but my husband did, We did, however, lose the company of my husband for 7 months while he was deployed to Afganistan in 2010 in response to this tragedy. I suppose that makes me lucky, but I don’t feel lucky. To this day I still feel sadness, fear, and helplessness. I am a New Yorker, but not from NYC. That day, though, and every anniversary that has followed, it hasn’t mattered WHAT state you are from. We, as Americans, grieve for those lost and pray that our children never experience a day like that fateful day 14 years ago.


2 thoughts on “9-11-01

  1. I was called along with a group of other EMT/Firefighters from the Upstate NY area to respond to the site of the World Trade Center a few days after 9/11. Hours before I was scheduled to go, for whatever reason, the group was told that they were no longer needed. We were never told why we were no longer needed, which was confusing, as the media reported that rescue teams from across the United States were constantly being called to help.

    This has left me with mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand, I am thankful that I had not been exposed to the carcinogens that were rumored to have been present in the dust. But more importantly, on the other hand, I feel as if had I made it to the site, there is a chance that my efforts might have saved a life. I feel as if I had been there, that I might have been able to make some small difference, regardless of how small.

  2. I think you should go with your first feeling and be glad that you were not exposed to what the rescuers and survivors were exposed to. Some calculations are now including the number of people who died from exposure to the area as part of the total death toll. Such a sad, sad day.

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