My chaotic, silly life

Profile PicI suppose every human being in the world can relate to the week I have had. Well, perhaps not? I can’t tell you just how many people I have run into in the last seven days who, upon being asked how they are doing, reply: “Busy.” Only one word, then a knowing look, and off they go. I know couples who have 1 child, no children,all the way up to 8 children and it seems like everyone is being pulled and twisted -up in a multitude of directions, all at the same time.

My family sure fits into that category. When I am not: cleaning the house, dropping or picking kids up from school, cheering at a soccer game, selling popcorn for the Boy Scout Pack, or – ok, I am just going to stop there because there is not a time when I am NOT doing something that involves my family and our school, social and

civic commitments. Did I mention I just got home from cleaning my church? PHEW! I am a fanatical history buff, and find some quiet moments to look at old photographs on a site I like to visit online. I adore the way that life was then, and when people say that in a few decades this will be known as the “good ol’ days,” I tend to cock my head to the side and wonder what they might mean by THAT! I do not believe that to be true. Society has changed so much in the last 50 years or so, that I do not see this time to be an era that we will remember so fondly in the future. Simple reason: We are just TOO busy!

In looking at old photographs, reading poetry and books from decades past, you see them either with your eyes or your mind’s eye, sitting on porches and sipping coffee or tea, going for long walks, hiking and enjoying the great beauty that our state has to offer. The cars moved much slower, but so did people’s schedules- if they had one. They took the time to stop and chat, eat a meal together, spend extra time helping a child learn a new skill. I fear that this particular mentality is lost on this generation, and perhaps will never return. We are in the information age, and now even eight year olds have a complete computer/phone/camera in the palm of their hand and are capable of sending messages near and far with the click of a button. I can’t help but think that this is perhaps to our detriment. Yes, I have a blog and if it were not for the Internet, you would not be reading this, but  truthfully, I love the word written on the page much more, However, we all must adapt to what is current.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if we were all able to take each day, one at a time, as they came– shoot! I am planned out into the next year, all carefully organized in my “smart” phone with reminders dinging all the time sending me shuffling off to the next “to do.” I just want a long walk, or a cup of tea on a porch, or the ability to play a quiet game of chess with my son, and then when I travel about, I would love to stop and hear how my friend’s lives are going- if they are not too busy!!


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