Thank you!

Mr Abraham

This has been a fantastic fall season here in beautiful New York State. My husband and I, along with our two sons of course!- own 3.1 gorgeous acres of property that is just rural enough that there is the occasion sputter of a tractor or bellow of a cow, but close enough to everything we like to do in our area. I suppose it will become a theme in my posts, so don’t be surprised if you hear me say how truly blessed we know we are. We are a humble, tight-knit, hard-working foursome who all make our best attempt to greet each day and person we meet, with a smile.

I was blessed with probably, ok I am biased, the best teachers that money could buy growing up. I learned from my wonderful track coach/American History teacher, Mr. Roger Abraham, that it is so much less difficult to be the bigger person in situations where conflict arose. This included on the track, in practice, as well as in the classroom. I keep the lessons learned from this extraordinary man in my back pocket, like a shiny new penny, because I know that I learned my morals and values from watching him devote himself to our student body, as well as raise four extremely beautiful and successful children of his own. My graduating class threw a Class Reunion party last October, and were so delighted that Mr. Abraham and his lovely wife, Linda, were able to attend as our honored guests. You see, Roger has not only done all of the wonderful things I have just spoke about, he has also spent decades honoring his vows of marriage to the love of his life. As an adult, I can now look at that example and be encouraged once more, because: I don’t believe one truly appreciates what it takes for two people to enjoy a great marriage until you are married. ( Or in some instances, in a long-term relationship.)

I don’t want to embarrass him, and this post was not meant to be an ode to Mr. Abraham, I never sit down to my keys knowing what I am going to exactly say, I just enjoy the flow of thoughts as I click the keys and they appear on the page before me. I have entitled this post: Thank You, however, because I am so grateful for the gift of his influence. I hope if he reads this, he understands a little a how much respect myself and my many classmates and teammates have for him, some 20+ years later. That is the mark of an individual with a true gift. I hope one day someone will have such a thing to say about the influence I may have had on their life.

Thank you to all who teach and I am letting you know, we are listening, we are learning, and we are watching your example!

I know so many truly remarkable educators:  Melissa Barber, Jeff Sabol, Lisa Sabol, Amy Ashbaugh, Michal Westover, Andrew Christensen, Bonnie Fenner, Stephanie Mirabito, and so many others. Thank you all for what you do everyday. YOU are making a real difference in the lives of children! 🙂


Photo credit: Melissa Capristo. ( In the photo are from left: Melissa Capristo, Telicia Orloff, Roger Abraham, and myself 10-04-14, New Hartford NY)


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