The weekend has sprung upon us, and the boys and I could not be happier to lounge on a bean bag, rake leaves, or get warm and toasty nearby a late October fire. There just seem to be days in our lives when everything seems right in the world. This happens to be one of those days. I am a creative type, so there is always the longing to: well, post a blog, capture some great shots of nature or my children, archive some of my thoughts in my journal, or create on of the 1,000 recipes that I have “saved for later” on my Facebook account that look completely yummy, but I know we have to wait for later.

Life really is like a puzzle. I don’t know how you believe, evolution/creationism, however, isn’t it sometimes like someone had hold of all the fragments of our life and just tossed them over their shoulder; leaving us to put the pieces back together? I think so. I won’t tell you what to believe or even share my beliefs right now. I just feel like there are certain days when, similar to finding a lucky penny, you stumble upon a piece that fits. Those are the great days. The memorable days. The days you wish you were having when you find yourself in line at Wal-Mart, behind a woman with three screaming children, as you hold a bottle of water and a box of Tylenol. Nothing is ever perfect, and as you get older, you glean the value of a just plain great day.

Perhaps I found a piece today that fits. No forcing that’s cheating! Memories are our brain’s breathtaking photo album; one I never want to lose sight of. Have a Happy Halloween weekend with your families. Have moments. Live. Find joy!


carter halloween 2015 Photo of my wonderful Carter 2015. A.L. Findore


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