Those of you who have been following my blog and reading it regularly probably notice that I carefully chose a single word title for all my posts. ( I think for one of the earlier ones I may not have.) This is not an easy thing to do, especially with a mind like mine which seems to always be swimming with thoughts and emotions. I find it a fun challenge to choose that particular word and am normally very excited when it “comes to me.”

I chose “Solidarity” for the title of the post because of the profound sadness and hands-tied-behind-my-back feeling I have about the horrific terrorist attacks that rocked the breathtaking city of Paris- home to a dear friend and her family, and for the country of France as a whole. I was blessed to participate in an exchange program with a school in St. Tropez, France when I was just 16 years old. It was possibly the most interesting experience of my life. Consequently, I have numerous French “Brothers” and “Sisters” who live in areas all over the beautiful countryside. I have been notified that many who I keep close contact with are safe and unharmed.

Solidarity is what I believe our country needs to show our French Allies. I became aware just this evening of bombings that have taken place in unison from the countries of The United Arab Emirates and Jordan, targeting The Islamic State. I have wept for those lost, and wept with joy at the news of my French Sister’s safety.

In a conversation with our children today, completely unrelated to the attacks, my husband and I spoke of the feeling most parents have of wanting more for your children then what you had, wanting them to go further, dream bigger, live in a safer world. I am a firm believer in standing up for what is right, and being there for your friends. I don’t want to sound overly political, however, I am glad that we are committing our resources to aiding in the destruction of this evil.

May God be with the City of Love tonight- our beautiful Paris- as the citizens mourn those lost, and rise up with a power that I know they possess. They are also a fiercely patriotic people. Viva La France! Our hearts and prayers are with you!

Amy 🙂


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