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Good afternoon friends!

Sometimes inspiration strikes us at the most irregular times- such as when a busy Mom (Me!) is contentedly preparing portions of a Thanksgiving meal we will share with our family in just a few hours.

Then it hits- Wow! Why is that an inopportune time? Isn’t that the point of this holiday? It certainly isn’t to get your (insert name of favorite running shoes) on and eat quickly so that you may hit the stores to shop. I am so against that idea and practice- but alas, that is for another post! I subscribe to the notion that when you feel the desire to put your inner most thoughts onto the page, there is no undesired time. The bells are going off in your head for a reason! Don’t just listen to them chime– write and let the inspiration flow!

I had the most humbling experience this morning during a almost daily conversation with my dear friend, Tom Slatin, (which I have come to cherish so much- warning Tom- I am like the burdock of friends, always there and nearly impossible to remove!) 😉 He stated how impressed he was with how articulate I am. I contribute that to being very well-read and studying not only the English language, but French and others throughout my years. I don’t enjoy writing as much as when it is a challenge to find that “just right” word. Thank you Tom, for stating you believe it to be a sign of high intelligence. I aspire to reach your level  I will never stop learning, for as Eleanor Roosevelt said: Education should only end with death.

I thank the highest of powers for all of the blessings my family have been gifted over the past year. Even the failures, pain, and sacrifice have taught us to be stronger, more resilient, and to appreciate all that the Lord has given us.

Please enjoy this time with your families and remember: Our troops who are stationed abroad or in harm’s way and cannot be home with their families, those who are less fortunate- and if you are reading this- it most likely does not mean you. No offense. Take a step back today and look at the BIG picture. We are so blessed to live in this ever-evolving and beautiful world. I send my love to all of my readers and friends. May you hear this message and heed my advice. Be safe and hold tight to those you love. Tomorrow is not promised.

Amy 🙂

Photo credit: Bea Photography 2015. Owner: Chelsea Hover



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