kissesfrombooHi all!

Our home has been bustling with activity in the last few weeks. I am so glad that I have grabbed the chance to give a few updates and perhaps a bit of advice. This time of year is treasured by many- culture aside- for varied reasons. I love the feel of the season; the ringing of the Salvation Army bell, great coffee brewing in the coffee shop I frequent- Cup O’ Jo on Front if you are from my area- best coffee and nicest people in town, and just an overall feel that I get that makes my heart feel 7 years old again.

I love shopping for our sons each year but I find that as they get older, it gets so much more difficult. Not to WOW them- they are very appreciative young men- but to find that “just right” gift. Traditions run very deep in my family and it was that way with my own family growing up. Tonight, we had the pleasure of a free hour together to decorate the Christmas tree. This is something that has always delighted me and that youthful innocence, thankfully, has never gone away. We take the time to look over each carefully wrapped ornament and, as was always common in our home growing up, I like to discuss where we got each one, who made it, or what it’s signifigance is. The kids love this. My husband usually falls asleep on the couch. 🙂 It was not part of his upbringing, but he is too kind to leave us there to do it…he sticks with us. He is a keeper!

We are also extremely blessed by the extraordinary talents that our friends who we consider family possess. My little sis, Chelsea Hover, is a great photographer, as is my dear friend Tom Slatin. Chelsea is only in her early 20’s, and has a very accomplished photography business with many repeat clients. She has been taking our portraits for almost 4 years now. She came to our home late this afternoon to shoot our photographs to be included in our annual Christmas card. I can’t thank her enough for her time. 🙂

As you share traditions with your families this year and I can tell you this: a drive to see all the lights is in our very near future, keep in mind those less fortunate and give if you are able to food pantries and clothing banks. I find it is best and most satisfying to give locally. I have yet to buy the groceries of the person in front of me in line, but I look forward to the day when I am able to do so. I am very active with my church, and the satisfaction of a job done for others is like nothing else. Each Sunday, a beautiful service comes together in perfect harmony. If you are local to Binghamton, Northpointe Church is a wondrous place to be, filled with people who only wish to create bonds of friendship and further their understanding of the Lord.

Have a wonderful evening- tuck yourself in tight!

In light of a recent  loss in our community of a loving, devoted Dr. and Firefighter at the tender age of 39, I ask you all to say a prayer for the Daggy family. Dr. Daggy left behind his wife, a young son, and 7 week old twins. It is truly heartbreaking.

Hold those you love close- You have today- enjoy your blessings!

Be well,

Amy 🙂






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