I believe I have mentioned the word Perspective in at least one blog posting since August…If not, I know surely that it has come up in conversation with friends and family at least 100 times. I am choosing that as a sort of mantra or mission statement, if you will, for the year 2016, because with it, the world is seen through a new lens, more organically, less scripted and endowed with a much greater joy and zest after all, in the words of a favorite Carrie Underwood song: “This is just my temporary home…” We are not beings made for this Earth. No matter what you may or may not believe- time and time again the notion keeps returning to one centralized concept- There is so much more than just this time here to look forward to.

I have had such a wonderful 2016 so far, and if I were superstitious like my Irish ancestors are surely known for being- I would be “knocking wood,” however the last year of my life has taught me that I should run swiftly into tomorrow- no clothing set out, no concrete plans (except perhaps an appointment or a meeting or class), but instead, an ever unquenchable anticipation of whatever it may be that lay around the next corner. Life is so short, and at times so fleeting. I have been crudely reminded of that in the last month, and I know that those who are watching me from above – cherished souls lost to our Earthly world, are rejoicing! Awake! I approach a “milestone” birthday next month with no apprehension, no self-critical glaces, NO regrets! I am so thankful, envisioned, and blessed for every contact I have made – this year and throughout my life. My Facebook page may likely have the most diverse 500+ people on anyone’s page, and each one of them means something to me, is special to my life, and has had a hand in shaping who I have become- as well as helping me stand firm in the knowledge of where I am determined to go.

Education- and the dedication to ONE subject, ONE profession, and a lifetime of repetition has been a foothold that had eluded me for a long time. I obtained my Associate’s Degree in 2014 after attending school full-time and working part-time, keeping my marriage and my family center stage and raising our two fabulous sons. It was a feat that seemed so daunting on Day One, but as I held my Diploma in my hand, through the tears of joy I felt a pang….What next? I had wanted this 8×11 piece of cardstock paper with  the word DIPLOMA on it for so long, that I had failed to look past graduation. I spend the summer bettering myself, laughing with friends, camping, and losing in excess of 50 lbs. I was altered, that was not in question, however where was I going next? I know a lot of students and graduates feel this way. I entered my first college experience- straight out of High School with a thirst for knowledge, which has never abated :), but also with a major in English- which was putting me on the fast track for either a LOONNGGG College experience or the poorhouse ( as my Grandma Smith would have said.) I now look back at what has been tried, failed at, learned, and dreamed since those days and I wish, not to change  what happened to me throughtout my life thus far, but to have had the Perspective that I now cherish. I truly believe the power of the words on the sign that hangs above our bed: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Happy 2016 My friends! I wish you all nothing but the best! Keep dreaming BIG!

Amy 🙂





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