beautifulsoulIt never fails to amaze me how quickly time passes by, friends become closer or drift away entirely, and the items and people we once found so sacred, are now gone or reside on another level. I had always been under the impression that one needed to know someone completely – inside and out, up and down- in order to really know they were someone you wanted to devote your time or even your life, to. I feel silly saying such, as my wonderful husband and I met, dated, and married in just five months and one day! 🙂 Thirteen plus years later, the love that united us in the beginning has only grown stronger, kinder, more understanding, and has held us together when the whole world around us was falling apart. Soul Mates absolutely DO exist- I know, I have found more than one kindred spirit in my lifetime, and they are individuals who have changed my life in such a positive way, I am certain I would not be who I am today without that connection.

On Monday, I stood holding the shaking hand of one of those kindred spirits as we said our final farewell to her beloved Father, who had passed January 28, 2016- very suddenly. I am not able to spend every afternoon chatting over coffee with Angie, but I sure wish we were able- she and Tom live a couple hours away, but I do believe that absence does make the heart grow fonder. I could not wait to get to her side on Monday, yet I am so deeply saddened that this was the reason we were able to grab a few hours together. I would do anything for a friend, and Angie is not just ANY friend. She is my sister- a friendship that was completely unexpected or foreseen, yet has blessed the hearts and lives of our family in so many wondrous ways. Oh the ache I felt to hold her and hug her when I heard the news that Thursday. That is probably one of the hardest things about them living out of our area. Family, school, and obligations at home kept us from being with them when we wanted to be-  immediately!!!!

With the utmost respect to her privacy, as she is not a “social media” type of person, that is all I will say about that. Just remember this: Friends who will be there for you through the thick and the thin are few and far between. I am blessed beyond measure to have many who I know I can call on in any type of situation. (One I have only met recently, but who has demonstrated what a true friend is- David Doyle! 🙂 ) I still have much hope in my heart that 2016 is going to be a good year with many treasured memories yet to be made. Attending such services only stands to remind us how fragile life really is. Hold tight to your children, your spouse, your friends- the world is an amazing place to live in, yet can also be so confusing and cold. Seek the sun. Seek hope and give of yourself to others without thinking of what you may gain. In truth- you gain everything!

Have a wonderful Wednesday- Halfway to the weekend!


Amy 🙂


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