Girl student


I suppose everyone has some degree of difficulty with change. It can manifest itself in so many different forms of worry. Anxiety, Depression,  an inability to think of anything else, and all out FEAR. The unknown can be such a terrifying place to be headed. Truthfully, we head there every single day, and sometimes, while on constant auto-pilot, we don’t even notice.

Sometimes though, BIG changes and unknowns enter our field of vision, and we are spun sideways a bit- wheels spinning. I suppose that is how I am feeling right now. That is quite a few words to describe a feeling, but I am not a simple person, in any way, and honestly that makes me very thankful. With two wildly successful terms attending an online University, I am feeling like a woman who is: 1) On a MISSION! and 2) stepping out in my faith that everything that I dream of attaining is happening; one delicate step at a time, and as a part of the Lord’s plan. I could be the poster child for not knowing what one wants to do when they “grow up.” I want to do it ALL! I have seen enough dark days in the past to be able to fully appreciate the glorious rays of sunshine when I feel them! I shake a bit when I think about all that has transpired in the nearly 21 years since I took hold of my FIRST diploma. WOW! I am still the girl I was that June day, and so, so much more! I am exploring interests that have always burned within my heart, traveling with friends to destinations that I’ve but dreamed, and feeling freer and happier than I ever have.

Getting my ducks in a row, so to speak, in preparation for my transfer to Binghamton University this Autumn has been a catalyst for the review of a lot of emotions that I thought had been forgotten. The excitement of a new educational experience, meeting new people who are avid learners like myself, and just a touch of nervousness about the process. Excitement reigns supreme in this case, and although the change is going to make life even that much more complicated, it is welcomed and needed. I intend to enter BU with a major in Human Development and a minor in Sociology. Life circumstances in the last few years have made the knowledge that I desire to become a Counselor very clear. Having a direction and an intended outcome after so many years of soul searching and wondering- thinking perhaps I might never- is so wonderful and reassuring!!

My fantastic friends and family have all been so supportive as I first attended SUNY Broome and attained my Associate’s Degree in Health Sciences, and then I was so blessed and happy to have attended Kaplan University, well mostly….. 🙂 I like to focus on the positives, and I leave that University with a handful of very wonderful friends who are already so dear to me! It is comical that when you can’t even SEE the individuals you are interacting with, somehow personalities come out and you can get a real sense of who might be someone you are excited to know. As I said, in just 6 short months, I can say that there are those individuals who I carry with me as I go. 🙂

The GPS is turned on and ready- hot coffee in my hand and a warm breeze will soon turn the grasses green and draw the flowers to the surface of the Earth. I am so glad for my readership, and the opportunity to share a milestone such as this- and the highly anticipated acceptance letter…. with all of you! God Bless and enjoy the rest of the week. I am excited for our boys to return home today, as they are on vacation for the next 5 days and there is nothing more fun for me than that!

Amy 🙂


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