Inspiration is, at times, similar to the sea- it ebbs and flows… strong at times, gentle and subdued at others. Although not as predictable as the sea and it’s daily motions, that is for sure. I suppose I have not reached the point in this craft when I will, perhaps, desire to put words to the page describing every day of my life. Of course, I have a personal journal that I keep- but I feel a responsibility to my readers to present a certain depth of content that I am not sure a daily blurb will ever suffice. ( NO offense, gosh I am so tired of that word, intended towards bloggers who do have a chance or desire to post daily.) That is just not what direction my writing is going at this time. I am a pensive soul by nature. I do not remember a time when I wasn’t deep in thought anytime there was nothing else to distract me. Of course, becoming a Mother and rearranging my whole being in order to create the best life for our two wonderful sons was surely one such instance, but I have to say- the most enigmatic and wondrous gift any distraction could ever be. I would not feel like I have done all I could or been the best parent I could if I was not so focused on my sons and their wonderful Father.

I will say that I have exciting news! I have started the process of working on a manuscript- a novel, not a huge project– haha! (Then where is all the anxiety coming from?) in my spare time. Slowly, I am developing ideas and a direction for what it is that I intend to convey. I will keep you all posted, of course! I am, for sure, downplaying this, as I realize it is indeed a huge step, but I am hoping my brain catches up with my heart sometime in the near future.

So much has happened of note in 2016, and I find myself scarcely able to believe that the calendar already reads: March 3. The saying goes that: “Time flies when you are having fun.” Everyone has heard that.. But, I have come to the realization that time flies, no matter what. Seasons change overnight, and for someone with a keen eye for subtly, the world can seem very different after just hearing or reading a few words. I sit here, this late morning, keys clicking with each thought, under the heading: “Strength.” There was nothing else I could have plausibly entitled this posting. I received the news a few days ago that a woman I greatly admire, have shared many laughs with, and connect with on a creative level and personal level, has been diagnosed with Cancer. Whoosh! All of the breath was just stolen from my lungs with the sight of those words. Twice. That “C” word that has stolen far too many people from this world. People I have loved- My Grandmother, My Uncle, dear friends, a woman who was a second Mother to me when I was a child. My friend is strong, determined, and wishes for only prayers and positive thoughts as she fights this nasty  beast. I send her that, and so much more. I have great faith in my heart that her indelible spirit will serve her well as she kicks this stumbling block to the curb and continues to bless everyone she meets with her unique brand of wonderful. Any prayers and blessings you all can send would be greatly appreciated. In the interest of privacy, just send them out to the wind with my friend in mind. They will reach her.

Have a Blessed day with your families and friends, and take nothing for granted. Love endures forever.

Amy 🙂


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