lifeWow! The mild months that are normally cold and brutal in this part of the world have been just flying by! I have logged a great deal of information onto paper in order to keep an accurate track of the many joys and blessings that we have been privy to. (I have, unfortunately, found that my mind is just too cluttered lately to keep it all in line. :)) One thing you will always, I hope, note in my writing- the message that I hope to send out to the world- is positivity. Sure, there have been FAR too many moments when it felt like the sun had gone out. For a moment. But, I choose to look for the lesson in every situation.

My hard-working husband is on the go, seemingly nonstop, as he was promoted to Sergeant recently and is enjoying the new challenges that have arisen. The gorgeous area where we live is now starting to come alive with robins, tiny scurrying critters, and warmer breezes as we prepare for Spring to make her grand appearance. True to New York State style- a snowstorm-our area’s ONLY real storm to speak of this winter, is predicted for Sunday into Monday ( March 20-21; The first day of Spring.) For those of us who have lived their entire lives in New York State, this comes as absolutely NO surprise.

Bonds of friendship are being strengthened all the time as we thoroughly enjoy every moment that we are able to spend with our friends, family, and church family. We are truly SO very blessed to have been given the suggestion to visit Northpointe Church in September of 2013. We are ALL four forever changed by the love and kindness and kinship that have been shared and shown to us. Remarkable! If you are local to Binghamton you are missing out if you are not attending there! I was so blessed today to be invited into the home of a wonderful friend of mine met through Northpointe. What a relaxing and enjoyable conversation we had- it felt like 5 minutes, and I then look at the time to discover we had been conversing for over 2 hours! We both agreed that THAT is the mark of a great friendship combination. We share a lot of common bonds and I came away feeling- well, as the title says: Inspired! When your soul meets another like it, you cannot help but come away with the feeling that “Yeah, everything is alright in the world today.” The feeling hasn’t left me, hours later.

No one says life is ever going to predictable, and really- would we want it to be? I know all too well from first hand  experience that life can throw us some nasty curveballs. Loss and fear creep into my thoughts occasionally, usually late at night. The kids are asleep and I am left to read, think, channel surf. I usually find myself doing a combination of thinking and praying. I wonder? Does God hear unspoken prayers? I think he does. I have begun to pray aloud a whole lot more lately. The sudden losses of so many wonderful entertainers, the unrest that surrounds the state of our Country, the downright deplorable behavior that the men and woman who are campaigning to be President of our Country routinely engage in, as well as the loss of two great people in my own life have gotten my thinker really tuned-in to how I am feeling.

I may have mentioned that I am studying to attain my Master’s of Social Work. I look forward with uncontainable excitement to the day that I will sit across from my first client in my new role as a Therapist. I find the greatest joy in life, besides my family and friends, in helping others and listening to people tell me about themselves. There is so much perspective to be gained from looking outside yourself and listening to people. Everyone has a story to share- although some individuals may not feel like their story is worth telling (they always are!) I had a chance to do that today with my great friend, and she was right in tune with me, listening, encouraging, appreciating everything I had to share. Rare? Yes, very. Gratifying? Yes. Yes!

I hope everyone is well, happy and pursing their dreams! I live now by the mantra that, to paraphrase loosely, if you find a job that you love, you will never work a day in your life! Thanks for the love and support shown to my blog by everyone! It makes me smile to know that I can share this journey called Life with all of you!


Amy 🙂


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