Fresh and Free


Good afternoon!
This has to be one one if my very favorite days of the year, as well as one the most bittersweet. Our wonderful, mischievous, sweet boys are finishing their last day of school. It always heralds a sigh of relief from them ( and ME!,) as well as serving as a reminder of the all too swift passage of time. We delight in all of the time we are now able to spend with Carter, who will enter the Eighth Grade next year, and Brady, who will enter the Fifth Grade. To see that in print is truly baffling to me, however, we long ago embraced the knowledge that we should squeeze the enjoyment out of each and every day. They are only young for such a short time.
So- WELCOME SUMMER and more time to make posts here, and share of our adventures with all of you! First stop– The Raquette Lake region of the Adirondack Mountains later this week!

Thank you sincerely for your readership! We look forward to an incredible SUMMER!

Amy 🙂


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