Once again, a week has flown by like the wind and our family has truly been touched by every experience we have been gifted. I am a full-time online student ( as is my husband, but that is a whole other post! 🙂 I have seized a great opportunity to continue my education and receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services focusing on Children and Family Welfare, while still being able to keep the household running smoothly, keep everyone in clean clothes, and still make it to every scout meeting and soccer game! It is a life I would not trade for anyone else’s!  Yes, the job of a Mom is challenging, often misunderstood by some, and basically thankless until you get to the ages near where we are at: Our sons are 9 and 12, and the children begin to have a sense of empathy and compassion. This is truly an evolving process, and one that I richly savor and am delighting in every little comment and action that displays their giving and, at times, even philanthropic, nature. Our oldest son decided that he was going to donate much of his Birthday windfall of money that he received from his many friends last weekend. When he first said that, I think a few tears ran down my cheeks because I am just so proud of the young man he is becoming. One of his friends knew he was donating to the Humane Society in our area, and instead of money, brought 3 bags of pet food for us to bring to the shelter! We are so thankful for their thoughtfulness!

I have many more hours to go before I sleep, and three eager boys to take to the gigantic corn maze in our area tonight. I would just like to leave with a thought. I know it is said that it “takes a village” to raise a child. I truly believe that, and furthermore, addressing our family’s thankful mind-set I would say it takes that same village to reach out and help those who need it most, in our schools, churches, communities as a whole. As our wonderful Pastor has said numerous times- If you have a car, and a home, and you know where you next meal is coming from ( I am paraphrasing), then you are in or around the top 6% of the richest people in the world. Sometimes it takes looking deeper into your community to see this, as I did this week, but let me just say: It changes you. Blessed~ truly and so thankful.


Photo credit: A.L.Findore 2014

Fall Friday

It has already been such a positive experience with my blog, and although I don’t get the chance to send out a post every day,  well…if you read my last posting, you may see why! It is with a very grateful heart that I can say that today was a fun, relaxing day spent enjoying the Triple Cities Area of New York where my family lives with two friends who we feel like we could sit and talk our lives away with. These are the days that I cherish and Thank God for the gift of their friendship and the caring way that they help tote our kids along, taking time out of their busy schedule to make friendship and memories a priority.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. It is not a religious belief, it is a belief down deep in my core. There just has to be some meaning to this journey we call life, and I chose to believe that there is a divine plan. That is not to say that this plan does not take into account decisions that we make that may alter its course, because I feel it does. However, stretch your mind if you will, perhaps that plan is not rigid, however it will send that event or person back to you again, if you missed them the first time. I could get really philosophical on you, but I have been out in the beautiful fall breeze all day; leaves skipping along the sidewalks, shoppers peaking in windows, hot cups of coffee softly clinking upon saucers, and I just want to give my mind a chance to absorb the truly beautiful experience it is to spend time with our dear, inspiring, generous friends.

We always enjoy laughing the day away with you~ and can’t wait for our next adventure! They say that the best things in life are free. They weren’t kidding folks, True kindness and friendship doesn’t have to cost you anything. That is good for me, because Brady just took my last quarter to buy a gumball! IMG_20140620_080629