Hi everyone!

As Thanksgiving Day nears and the thoughts of delicious meals, children giggling, prayers to be said and hands to hold fill all of our minds, I wanted to provoke some thought about how truly blessed we all are- each in our own way, and not only that but let us remember that even with the good in our lives there are struggles we must all overcome. Some folks’ struggles are far bigger than others. makenzie

This is Mkenzie. I have recently become acquainted with her story, her family’s struggle and her terrifying case of mental illness that is just such a heartbreak.

I am not going to sugarcoat it- this beautiful little girl is suffering and her home state of Indiana is failing her, and those like her- those who suffer from severe mental illness- terribly! Her Mother, Amber Becker, sued the State of Indiana on her behalf and is working tirelessly to make a better life possible for her daughter, and all children who suffer this way. Those with mental illness should have access to medical care and the resources that anyone with ANY illness has available to them. Here is a link to a news article about beautiful Mkenzie and other children whose parents are doing everything in their power to make a broken system right again. I will let the video speak the rest. Please watch, please read, please pray and most importantly- share this post and video. The hope is that it gets into the right hands of someone who has the power to make real changes.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your families and please, do what you can to help those around you- not just this time of year, but all through the year. Let’s start with Mkenzie! #HelpMkenzie.

Amy 🙂